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Once Upon A Time…

…is how stories always used to start when I was a child.  Some of my earliest memories involve bedtime stories, with one of my parents sitting between the twin beds of my sister and I, reading tales of adventure, mystery and magic.  I can still remember that feeling of excitement I would get when a new book was discovered: the anticipation for adventures yet unknown and characters soon to be loved was almost more than my young imagination could handle!

This love of all things fantastical continued and I soon found myself as excited by writing my own stories as I was when reading those of others.  From this grew the dream of being an author: an idea which has never quite left me.  However, I’ll admit to having no idea how much more to author-ing there was than just writing.  As all those thrust into the world of adult-ing will know, life very rarely gives you the time to convert your passion from a hobby to a career, you have to make it for yourself.  It took a while for me to learn that lesson, and unfortunately even longer to apply it.  So, seeing as this year I’ve decided to pull my finger out and actually do something about all these ideas and aspirations, I am making a concerted effort to ask for guidance, take advice, and put in the time.

My sister very kindly gave me the Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook 2017 for Christmas which is turning out to be one of the most practical gifts I’ve ever received.  It’s packed full of useful suggestions and helpful recommendations.  If you don’t have a copy yet (of past or present editions) I’d strongly suggest adding it to your personal library. I’ve only read a few of the sections so far and have already picked up bucket loads of tips and tricks!  As important as the actual writing of the book is, other things such as organisation, planning, networking, online presence, research and all things post-publishing can make the difference between being a successful author or a dime-a-dozen writer.

This blog will give me the chance to chronicle my journey and chart my progress as I try to navigate this complicated world of professional writing.  I have no idea whether I’m going to be any good at this author-ing business, but if I don’t try I’ll never know.  Whether good or bad, I have passion, drive and a willingness to learn. Hopefully, everything else will come with practice. 🙂  Either way, wish me luck!



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