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Staying motivated…

…is probably the one thing that I struggle with the most when it comes to writing.  No…it is definitely the one thing I struggle with the most. Consider it my Achilles’ heel.  I have no problem thinking of ideas, dreaming up worlds and creating new characters, but staying motivated: that’s a different story altogether.

This topic is one I have researched extensively, only to become more confused and disheartened.  The more you look: the more ‘solutions’ you find.  However, as motivation, or the lack thereof, is more of an internal (and therefore: personal) problem, it makes sense that the solutions will be as wide and as varied as the people needing them.

Ideas range from: seeking new inspiration, to creating your own deadlines; from utilizing co-motivation, to making yourself accountable. All of these (and more) are great ideas, and definitely worth looking into if staying motivated is something you’re currently struggling with.

As these suggestions seemed to be never-ending, I was both excited and relieved when I stumbled upon this great post from Now Novel, which lists 3 quick tips on how to stay motivated when writing:

  • Limit your time – use a timer, set it for anywhere between 10 mins and 1 hour, and write. When the timer goes off: stop. Repeat this process as often as you need, but take breaks in between.
  • Plan your time – schedule blocks of time to sit down and just write. Make notes for yourself when you finish if you need to, so you can easily pick up where you left off next time.
  • Reward your time – set yourself little rewards for little writing goals achieved (i.e. watching funny YouTube videos/having a brew) and bigger rewards for bigger goals achieved (i.e. catching up on your favourite box set/enjoying a bubble bath).

These may be things you already do well, in which case other options will need to be looked at. No matter where you are in your process right now though, be that an Inspiration Legend or a Procrastinating Master; do something every day to at least try to get yourself motivated. As the awesomeness that is Zig Ziglar once said:



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