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Useful Info…

…about Planning.


From what I’ve read on Twitter, and different blog posts/articles/opinion pieces by other writers, there are 2 (possibly 3) different styles of planning for a writing project.

These are known as:

  • Plotting
  • Pantsing
  • Hybrid

1) A Plotter (can also be referred to as an Architect…) is someone who is big on planning. These types of people like to get the world building, character profiles, story arc etc. done before they sit down to actually start writing their book.

2) A Pantser (can also be referred to as a Gardener…) is someone who prefers to start writing straight away and see where the story takes them. Structure, details and other key points are worked on/added in later drafts.

3) A Hybrid (not sure what else they’re called…) is pretty self-explanatory. These people combine the above methods, perhaps starting with a basic outline and then adding to it as they write and the ideas are flowing.

Personally, I think I’m probably more of a Plotter. I like to know who my characters are, where the story is going and what my fantasy world looks like before I start writing. Once I get going, I’m more than happy to be flexible and go off track if the story needs me to, but I like to have something I can look back at if I get stuck.

How about you? Are you a Plotter, a Pantser or a Hybrid?


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