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Useful Info…

…about Writing Exercises.

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…but only if I write.

From what I’ve seen during this brief month of writerly-ness, every writer out there has rough days. Writer’s block. Lack of motivation. Loss of inspiration. Writing yourself into a corner. Self-doubt. Fear. Countless other reasons…

It happens to everyone. Apparently. Yet, people are still out there writing. Getting published. Being awesome authors.

Which means you can too.

The most important advice floating around the interwebs is to WRITE. You are not a writer if you’re not writing. You’re just a dreamer.

So, here are a few suggestions for when you hit those inevitable ‘down days’:

  • Writing prompts – there are loads of blogs, websites, Twitter accounts that will happily provide you with writing prompts for free. Weekly, daily, sometimes hourly – take a look and see if any appeal to you. Then write.
  • Free writing – sometimes known as ‘stream of consciousness’, where you sit down with pen & paper/laptop & fingers and just write whatever comes to mind. It can be as random, weird, worrying or wonderful as you want. Try it.
  • Different POV – if you’re stuck with your current WIP, why not pick a scene and try writing it from a different character’s point of view? It might give you a different perspective/added in-sight and help shift that mental block.
  • Sprint writing – can be combined with any of the above ideas. Sit down, set a timer for 10/30/60 minutes (however long you want) and then write!

These are just a few ideas to get you writing each day, writer’s block or not. There are tons more out there if you can be bothered to go looking for them. This Writing Exercises website is a good place to start, and has some interesting ideas for you to try out.

Play around, try a few different ideas, see what works for you. But most importantly, WRITE.


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