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…for February 2017.

I’m still struggling to come to grips with the fact that it’s already March, and we’re almost half way through this month too!

February was brilliant for overall authorly achievements, but rather thin on the actual writing front.

Quick overview of Feb’s #amwriting accomplishments:

  1. Participated in WriteOnCon
  2. Got some feedback on my current WIP
  3. Figured out what was preventing me from moving forward with said WIP
  4. Went back to the drawing board and scrapped most of WIP
  5. Re-started the planning & outlining for new-improved WIP
  6. Won a 2 page critique from an editor in a WriteOnCon raffle
  7. Sent in 2 pages, and received feedback from said editor
  8. Made changes to WIP based on feedback
  9. Hit 2000 followers on Twitter! 🙂
  10. Completed a brief overview for each book in the series

While I feel as though I’ve taken quite a few steps backwards in some respects, overall I’m feeling positive about my current project, and am much more focused and motivated to keep working on it.

It turned out that my original story (which I started dabbling with over 10 years ago) was spanning the MG and YA age categories, which in today’s literary world just doesn’t work. I had to choose between keeping the style and narrative voice, but changing the series plot to be more MG appropriate – OR – altering the ages of my characters & changing the narrative voice to be more in-keeping with the YA themes the story explores.

I opted for keeping my original idea for the story, and aging the characters and narrative voice. It was somewhat painful having to let go of everything I’d written so far, and go back to the drawing board, but once I got over that, the ideas started flowing faster than I could write them down!

The raffle win was a complete surprise – both terrifying and exciting in equal measure. This was the first time a ‘professional’ would have read something I’d written. I’d already made changes based on the feedback from WriteOnCon, but I had no idea whether or not I’d been successful in making it sound more YA, increasing the stakes, and everything else you’re supposed to do for that age category.

The feedback I got was nowhere near as scary as I expected it to be. There weren’t as many notes/comments as I’d anticipated. A lot of them were quite minor things: some bringing my attention to things I didn’t even know existed (dangling modifiers…anyone?); and some really helpful pointers/tips/advice that will definitely make my writing stronger in the future. There were a few nice compliments in there too, which helped boost my confidence – I can ‘clearly write’, and have ‘a talent for imagery’ 🙂 She advised me to relax, and not worry about trying to prove I’ve got it. So overall it was a very positive experience!

As for the Twitter milestone – I’m not quite sure how I managed to hit 2000 followers in less than 2 months, but I’m loving the writing community on there! It’s so inclusive and supportive. There is a wealth of information and authoring advice, and the daily/weekly/monthly hashtag games are a really good way to connect with other writers, and think about your own work in a different way.

My goals for this month of March are to continue with Twitter and my blog, do more detailed character arcs, which I can then combine with my basic outlines to create a more detailed plan for each book. I’m hoping to get at least book 1 done by the end of the month so that I can start the first draft for Camp NaNoWriMo in April.

Good luck with all your writing goals, and here’s to a productive March!



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