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…about Twitter # games!


One of the most useful resources I’ve found on this writing journey of mine is Twitter. There are so many amazing writerly tweeps on there, and a wealth of useful information.

One of my favourite things about Twitter is the hashtag (#) games. There are loads of them, I’m sure, but there’s a few writing-specific ones which are definitely worth a look-in.

One of my personal favourite hashtag games is #storycrafter – run by Faye from @WriterologyHG (previously found at @Writerology). Each Sunday evening (8pm GMT) Faye hosts the game, which is based on a specific topic that is relevant to the writing process, and/or your current WIP. Once a month there is the opportunity to role play (RP) as one of your characters too! There are usually 5-6 questions asked, and whoever wants to can answer. A fab bunch of tweeps join in, giving you the chance to meet and engage with like-minded individuals, as well as thinking about your writing process in a way that perhaps you otherwise wouldn’t.

Another favourite is #WritersPatch hosted by @PatchworkNerd – also on Sunday (10am CST). Al hosts the game in a similar style to Faye’s #storycrafter, in that it lasts an hour and is based on 5-6 questions about a specific writing-related topic. There are often fun gifs and random mentions of food, as well as another bunch of wonderful writerly people to engage with. She ends each game with a poll of what people would like to discuss the week after, so you can play a part in determining each game’s topic too.

One of the daily hashtag games I’ve started this month is #authorconfession, hosted by the fabulous @_JM_Sullivan. Unlike the previous 2 mentioned, this one happens over the course of a month, with 1 question being set for each day. There are a wide range of questions asked, all still writing related, and it can be fun to read other people’s responses. The complete list of each month’s questions are posted on @_JM_Sullivan’s profile, and are well worth a look.

My most recent discovery is that of #DreamWIP, hosted by the lovely @claeriekauthor. It’s run along the same lines as #authorconfession, in that there is 1 question for each day of the month on the topic of (you guessed it) your dream WIP! The questions are varied but still writing-centric and again, it’s fascinating scrolling through the answers of other participants.

Last, but not least, I recently stumbled across the #SFFchat which runs once a month, usually in the first week (so I believe). They run it twice on 1 day (afternoon & evening USA time) and each chat has a theme – March’s was about first drafts. I missed out this month, by mere hours, but after reading through everyone’s tweets I am definitely looking forward to checking it out in April! I’m not entirely sure who hosts it, but @EmilyBeeMartin and @Michelle4Laughs seem to be in the know.

Those are my faves for right now. Of course there are the regular writing threads like #amwriting, #writing, #writerslife, #writingtips and #amwritingfantasy that are worth following too.

I hope you find these as interesting and helpful as I have, and if you know of any others that are worth checking out, feel free to let me know!



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