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This week we’re diving back into the ‘useful websites’ thread, with a quick look at another brilliant site, which has been beyond helpful on this writing journey of mine.

Today’s pick is the fabulous Helping Writers become Authors by K.M. Weiland, who you can (and should) follow on Twitter here.

Katie writes both fiction and non-fiction, and uses her website to assist fellow writers who want to improve at their craft. She also has a wide range of amazingly useful resources (some free, some paid) that are well worth a look-in.

I am currently using her thread on Character Arcs to give my story greater breadth, depth and strength. I would seriously recommend you check it out, regardless of which stage of the writing process you’re currently at – she breaks it down in to easily digestible sections, and offers a wealth of information that I have not found anywhere else.

This site is huge, and there are hidden nuggets of writerly awesomeness around every corner! If you haven’t already, definitely head on over to Helping Writers become Authors and have a look for yourself.


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