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Inspired by…

…Philip Pullman!

Philip Pullman (1946) – English writer

What is worth having is worth working for.

~Philip Pullman


Philip Pullman was another author I discovered in my High School library. I first came across his Sally Lockhart series when I was about 12. I completely fell in love with her. Also, this was the first time that I can actually remember crying over a book (although I won’t tell you why, because *spoilers*).

I later discovered his Dark Materials trilogy, and again fell in love with these vibrant, flawed characters. I loved the idea of Dust, and Other Worlds, and was completely obsessed with trying to figure out what my Daemon would be! This is also the only series where I actually prefer the second book to the first.

I loved the detail he was able to get across of what was really a very complicated narrative. So many worlds, characters, and points of view (POV)! Pullman’s books didn’t just offer a form of escapism, or an emotional attachment – they also made me think. These series’ were both considerably darker than anything I had read before, and opened my eyes, and mind to the fact that the world is not always a safe place.

I’m looking forward to the next installment that has been recently announced for future release, which I believe gives more insight into Dust!


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