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This week in my ‘useful websites’ thread, I’m going to introduce you to a site which focuses more on the editing part of story-telling, although there are some very helpful posts on writing too.

Today I bring to you the writerly awesomeness that is Kidlit! This site, for writers of children’s literature, is run by the amazing Mary Kole, who you can (and should) follow on Twitter here.

Mary’s years as an editor mean she approaches the craft of storytelling from a different angle. Kidlit mainly offers advice to the writer who has already completed their first draft, and is interested in getting down to business, and making the book into a best-seller.

There are sections about Publishing, getting an Agent, Revising and Editing, Query Letters, as well as actual Writing. Mary also offers specific advice for writers of Picture Books, Middle Grade, and Young Adult fiction. I also recommend checking out the Resources for Writers page.

If you haven’t already had a look at Kidlit why not head over there now? Have a browse through her advice, and if you really want your work to shine, you can use her freelance editorial services too. Her feedback on the first few pages of my WIP were massively helpful!


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