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…about Facebook Groups!

Facebook Groups

In a previous post, I talked about different hashtag games that I participate in on Twitter. These forums are great for meeting fellow writers, and learning more about the writing process. While Twitter is my main Social Media (SM) hub, I am also member of a few groups on Facebook, which I thought were worth mentioning here.

The first group I joined is Your Write Dream, which I heard about on Twitter. It is hosted by the fab Kristen Kieffer (who you’ve no doubt noticed mentioned on here before), and is a really inclusive, support group of like-minded writerly people. It’s not the biggest group out there, but there are plenty of active members who are happy to offer support, give advice, and answer any writing questions you may have about your WIP. There are also Mastermind Mondays, Self Promo Days, and Friday Office Hours to get involved with! If you haven’t already, check out Your Write Dream now, and see if it’s for you. Remember to read the rules first, and always respect other posters.

Next, there is a group called Writers Unite, which I stumbled across when looking into a different group. This group is huge, with over 36,000 members, so I recommend turning the notifications off, or your phone/tablet/laptop will be “binging” every few seconds! It’s a great place to check in on a few times a week though, as people ask interesting questions, post writing prompts, as well as share information that has been helpful on their writing journey. If you haven’t already had a look at Writers Unite head on over there now! Remember to read the rules first, and always respect other posters.

The third, and final (for now) Facebook group I want to mention is called Fiction Writing. This is another pretty big group, with over 26,000 members, so I would again suggest that you turn the notifications off if you don’t want to be driven crazy! This group is also great for getting a variety of opinions and perspectives on writing, or your specific WIP, as well as support, encouragement and advice. They also collectively publish an anthology each year, called A _________ of Words, with a different theme being picked for each one (the current one being A Contract of Words). Members are able to write a short story based on the assigned theme, and submit it for consideration. Those who are successful get their story published in the anthology, a free paperback copy, the accompanying soundtrack CD, and the ebook form. If you haven’t already, check out Fiction Writing now, and maybe even submit your own short story about a contract! Remember though, to read the rules first, and be respectful of other posters.

I know I’ve mentioned it already, but do make sure you read through all of the rules first (for whichever group you want to join) and make sure they are ones you can abide by. For example, some groups may not allow fan-fiction etc. so do make sure you know the rules before joining, to prevent any grievances later 🙂

That’s all for this week, but if you know of any other great Facebook groups for the writing community, let me know!


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