Writing Projects

Here you will find a quick overview of my current writing projects. Please check back for updates.

Daughter of Shadows – YA Fantasy (potential series)

Status: Current WIP

Darkness seeks to take all she holds dear, but the shadows are where she is strongest.

Family. Magic. Freedom. Nothing is as it seems. When a dark strain of magic seeps through the elements, corrupting magic, & poisoning nature itself, sixteen-year-old Thea must quickly master her newfound powers to save the things she loves the most.

Un-named – Fantasy (potential series)

Status: On-hold

Born an Elemental, sixteen-year-old Tierra guards a deadly secret. As her time for Transition draws close, she must venture into the lion’s den of the Capital, where one false step could expose what she really is. Learning to control her powers, overcome prejudice, and stand against the rising dark, Tierra must chose between saving herself, or revealing her secret and risking death – at the hands of her enemies if she fails, or her allies if she wins.

Labyrinth – YA Dystopian Fantasy (stand-alone)

Status: Planning

Living in the aftermath of the Fourth Great War, Samantha has always been a little bit different. When her best friend Mark becomes one of the Taken on Dagur Valinn (The Day of the Chosen), she refuses to accept that he is lost forever, and decides to put her ‘peculiarities’ to good use in a quest to save him. Finding herself at the top of the Party’s Most Wanted list, and branded a Witch, Sam must find Mark, defeat the Guard, and free them all from the tyrannical rule of an ancient darkness, lurking beneath the streets of Old London.